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Category: Wireless Systems
Brand: ARRI
Code: ZMU-3A

Classic Zoom Controller
The ZMU-3A is like a classic handgrip zoom controller and has the force sensitive zoom knob that assistants' thumbs all over the world are familiar with.

Versatile Functions
Zoom speed can be precisely adjusted and zoom limits can be set. A large bar graph shows zoom position, zoom speed and various status messages, and a ZAP button allows for a quick zoom-in for focus check. A switch changes the running direction of the attached lens motor. The RUN switch starts recoding on film and digital cameras.

Tethered or Wireless Operation
ZMU-3A can be connected directly to an ARRI CLM-2, CLM-3 or CLM-4 lens motor and power source. Alternatively, it can be connected with the UMC-3A motor controller or any ALEXA camera that includes the Plus Module. The optional Wireless Zoom Extension WZE-3 allows wireless operation of the ZMU-3A. In any case, the ZMU-3A can be used in parallel with WCU-4.

Operating temperature -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)
Operating voltage 10 to 30 V DC in two ranges (12/24 V nominal)
ARRICAM compatible
Typ. current consumption 0,05 A (24 V)/0,07 A (12 V)
Dimensions (h * w * d) w/o (with) connector 178 * 66 * 37 mm, 3.8 * 2.6 (3.3) * 8.8 inch
Weight 400 g
  • ZMU-3A
  • ZMU-3A

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