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Categorie: Broadcast Editing Systems
Cod: Morpho

Morpho focuses on bringing ideas and designs to air easily and affordably. Powerful 3D real-time graphics rendering, smart graphic design tools and flexible playout capabilities are all packed together offering an efficient and easy workflow. Creation and playout are per-formed from a single interface, increasing reactivity in production. Morpho is the perfect solution for branding, OB van, news and other studio productions.

Morpho employs a page based architecture that offers an easy and flexible way to create even the most complex 3D look.
Building a Morpho page is simply done by combining Morpho primitives, live video inputs in HD or SD, video clips, Photoshop™ layers or 3D Collada files into layer's structure. The user can drag and drop images and RSS feeds directly from their Internet browser to the design window. Through the easy to understand positioning, rotating and scaling tools, the elements can be quickly laid out exactly the way the design requires. 3D charts are easily used as Morpho contains bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and line area graphs as part of its primitives' library.

  • All in one solution for authoring and playout
  • HD/SD switchable
  • Two SDI video inputs per channel
  • Real-time 3D graphic engine
  • Full 2D and 3D character generation
  • Easy to use creation abilities
  • Morpho

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