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Category: Broadcast Creative Software
Code: 3DPlay

3DPlay is an end-to-end channel branding solution from scheduling to air. It offers a complete tool set of captivating, real time, branding graphics for coming up next, promo over credits, squeeze backs, multiple tickers, and more. In addition, when the production's flow is unpredictable and studio productions are challenging, such as in elections, game shows, sports broadcasts, and other special events, 3DPlay is the ideal solution.

3DPlay is an action based graphics controller which enables the user to combine graphics, content, and animation into a button (action) and define its behavior. For example, when the action is cued, graphics can be prepared and updated with the latest data. Once the action is played, the animation is executed with all the relevant graphics.

As a flexible controller, 3DPlay can execute graphics in a nonlinear manner by triggering the selected action. The user can arrange the created actions into a container, and place them in 3DPlay's workspace according to the production's needs, providing easy and intuitive access. In addition, actions can be dragged and dropped into a playlist and displayed as events. When 3DPlay's playlist is configured to work with automation, the events are triggered by automation and their statuses are reported back and displayed in the automation playlist.

  • Ultimate downstream\upstream channel branding and complex production solution
  • Template based system with control over real-time data
  • Interfaces to external databases
  • Easy to make action button for creating a tailor made user interface
  • Controls touch screen / interactive productions
  • Configurable and intelligent playlist
  • 3DPlay

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