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Category: Broadcast Editing Systems
Code: Blend

Blend is Orad's HD/SD file based "channel in a box" solution that provides video playout coupled with real time branding graphics. Blend is a high quality cost effective solution that is set to address today's broadcast workflow challenges.

Blend consists of two independent modules; the first is the video server which is responsible for playing the clips, producing a constant SDI output. The second module is the graphics engine, which produces real time 2D /3D graphics with the ability to combine two live video insertions and a third video as a background. Both are controlled from the same user interface thus dramatically reducing the operational costs as well as the system's foot print in the facility.

The Blend video server supports playback of all commonly used file formats and codecs including MPEG 2, MPEG 4, DNxHD, DVCPRO HD, DV 25/50, IMX and wrappers such as MXF, MPEG and Quick Time. SD and HD clips can be combined into a single playlist. The clips are copied to the local storage as files and the copying process can take place while on air without disturbing the current playout. The clips playback could be triggered either internally with Blend's playlist or from external automation using standard VDCP protocol.
Blend is a frame accurate system and supports back to back playback of clips, by allowing several clips to be cued, thereby providing more powerful playout capabilities.

  • Playback of HD/SD video clips in different formats / codecs
  • Back to back video clips playback
  • Graphics are based on Orad's powerful graphics solution
  • Allows squeeze backs over credits
  • Support live video inputs and clips as part of the branding graphics
  • Frame accurate clips playback
  • Blend

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