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Category: Broadcast Editing Systems
Code: High End Virtual Studio

ProSet, Orad’s extensive virtual studio solution provides a powerful dimension to virtual studio productions. With tight integration between its dedicated hardware, software and tracking technologies, ProSet provides a realistic environment that comes to life with rich textures, depth, and perspectives. ProSet is ideal for all types of productions including elections, sports, entertainment, and news.

ProSet enables flexibility both for graphic design modifications as well as for operation. During the design and operation stages graphic rundowns are created by simply dragging and dropping the graphic items into a playlist. A local preview including both graphics and animation from the relevant studio camera’s perspective is available prior to going on air.

ProSet includes a set of tools that address the specific needs of virtual studio productions such as positioning the virtual set graphics in the studio, masking, and more. Insertion of semitransparent foreground objects into the set is done easily using Orad’s internal Infuse chromakeyer as well as external chromakeyers such as Ultimatte 11.

With Orad's depth of field shader, the virtual background focuses and defocus depending on the rate of zoom, exactly as it would have had it been a real background. Orad offers other shaders, such as real-time video shaders, that are applied to the incoming video insertions. Bump, displacement and cubic mapping, which provides a realistic reflection on objects, ensure the highest level of photorealism.

  • Seamlessly integrates with all of Orad's tracking systems including Xync infrared tracking, Pattern Recognition, CamTrack, and mechanical sensors
  • Integrates with all types of tracking methods available on the market today
  • 360 degrees shooting range with sensor or infrared based tracking
  • Virtual studio and on-air graphics are both controlled from the same application
  • Free camera movement including dolly, handheld and crane
  • Does not require any special 3rd party add-ons
  • HD/SD switchable
  • High End Virtual Studio

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