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Category: Broadcast Editing Systems
Code: Maestro

Maestro application suite provides a complete workflow that meets the graphic needs of TV stations and production houses, including ingest, authoring, managing, distribution, playout and archiving. Maestro can be used in a wide variety of environments, such as news, branding, studio productions, OB-vans, editing, and post production, on a single graphic platform, integrated with commonly used news, automation and editing applications.

Maestro suite offers an adapted workflow to any situation. Thanks to its modular architecture, a tailored solution can be proposed to meet each specific broadcaster's needs. The whole system is fully scalable, so if changes in the workflow require the addition of new components, they can be seamlessly added at a later stage. The simplest setup consisting of a Maestro station controlling a single render channel can easily be expanded with more channels, integrated with newsroom, or any other of the Maestro Suite modules, without a complex installation process, and while maintaining all the previously created material.

  • A complete 3D turnkey on-air graphics system
  • Flexible and easy to operate, while very powerful
  • Scalable, providing a basic configuration with easy upgrade path by adding more components
  • Based on a solid Graphic Asset Management system
  • Unique authoring tool for all graphics: 3Designer is used to create stunning 3D graphics with minimal effort to be used in different environments
  • Cooperative workflow: Multiple Maestro stations can be networked to share assets and data
  • Maestro

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