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Category: Broadcast Editing Systems
Code: Tracking

Accurate camera tracking is a fundamental process essential for realistic virtual studio and augmented reality productions. Orad, the world leader and patent holder for the majority of the virtual studio and camera tracking technologies, offers a variety of camera tracking solutions to meet any production need and budget. Orad's camera tracking solutions include: Xync infrared system, Pattern recognition (Grid) along with High Digital Video Processing (HDVP), CamTrack infrared tracking system, and Opto-Mechanical Sensors (Sensor heads).

Xync infrared tracking for free camera movement

Xync is an extremely reliable system that was designed to provide maximum flexibility for live studio productions. Xync architecture takes into account redundancy, minimizing single point of failure. In order to generate sufficient tracking information, it is enough that only three light sources out of the total 16 available on each target should be seen by two surveillance cameras.

Xync allows unlimited movement within the studio and can support multi-camera productions. Camera moves such as low-angle shots, 360 degree pans, close-ups, carrying the camera while simultaneously moving the zoom, and crane movement shots, are just a few of the possibilities of a freely moveable camera.

Tracking information from all the camera parameters is gathered into the Xync Main Unit, which, using a series of sophisticated algorithms, analyzes the data, determines the value of each variable and feeds the tracking data to Orad's ProSet and RealSet systems in real-time. The Xync also offers a minimal of 2 frames delay.
Xync can now transfer tracking data to both serial and UDP.

More about Xync

Pattern Recognition – simple, mount-free camera tracking.

Orad's Pattern Recognition system is undoubtedly the most cost effective tracking system available and is ideal for entry-level systems as well as studios with a relatively large number of cameras.

Based on proprietary algorithms, the camera's position, orientation and field of view are extracted from the video signal itself, eliminating the need for tracking equipment to be mounted on the camera. Pattern Recognition tracking is compatible with all types of studio cameras and lenses, and supports multi camera productions.

Pattern Recognition tracking utilizes traditional blue or green screen chroma key techniques with the addition of grid lines of similar blue or green hue on top of the backdrop. The video signal from the studio camera is processed through Orad's High Digital Video Processor (HDVP) which calculates the orientation, position and zoom of the studio camera. The data is then streamed through the network to Orad's rendering platform, the HDVG+, which renders the background graphics according to the tracking data. The pattern lines are completely removed by the chroma keying process. Only a small portion of the grid is required to be visible to the camera in order to generate precise camera tracking, identifying the camera's pan, tilt, roll and field of view parameters.

As no physical devices are mounted onto the studio cameras, the system setup is extremely simple. Once the grid is mounted to the blue or green box wall, the Pattern Recognition algorithm automatically extracts the camera parameters and the virtual studio is ready to go on-air in a matter of seconds.

Pattern Recognition systems can work in any video environment and can support PAL, NTSC, SD or HD formats.

Grids are available for customers in three sizes: 2 x 1 meters, 4 x 2.5 meters and 5 x 3 meters. Customized grid sizes are offered as per the customer's request.

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