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Category: On Air Graphics
Brand: ORAD
Code: 3DPlay

Advanced graphics solution for channel branding and complex studio productions

3DPlay is a flexible and powerful multi-control solution for channel branding and complex studio productions, where rich graphics are required. When used for channel branding, 3DPlay provides a perfect solution for multiple tickers, promo over credits, coming up next, squeeze back video, and any other type of channel branding graphics. When the production’s flow is unpredictable and complex studio productions are required, such as in the event of elections, special events, game shows, sport events, etc, 3DPlay is the ideal solution.

Easy to use and intuitive

3DPlay is based on action button philosophy: using the drag and drop methodology, the operator combines graphics, content, and animation. 3DPlay enables complete user interface flexibility by providing split panels, containers to store grouped items, etc.

Information can be pumped into the graphic’s template from external databases or typed in manually.

3DPlay allows the operator to introduce logic and rules to the graphics. The rules and logic do not require programming, leaving the code intact.

Logic based graphics

With 3DPlay, graphics are data driven: any change to the content can automatically alter the graphics as well.

3DPlay’s logic based graphics enables if/then conditions, the calculation of automatic results, and time/date graphic dependency.

Multiple tickers can be displayed with control over speed, number of loops, content updates and more. 
3DPlay can execute multiple tickers, crawls and rolls in any direction or speed. The ticker content can be introduced either manually or from external databases.

Seamless workflow

Graphics can be executed manually, GPI triggering, and through an interface to all major automation protocols (CII, VDCP, USC).

3DPlay’s configurable playlist enables the user to run events sequentially in several modes: synched to automation, time code, and manually.

3DPlay reads automation playlists and according to the predefined rules created by the user, an updated playlist can be created automatically to be delivered to the automation system.

The 3DPlay Browser module allows operators to introduce graphic items into the scheduling and automation systems. By using the 3DPlay Browser, the operator selects the relevant graphic and populates it with data, previews it on his local PC and then publishes it to the automation or traffic system by dragging and dropping the selected combination.

3DPlay enables the user to collect and archive all related data, including images, clips, etc, to be extracted in the playout center along with its environment and path.
3DPlay is able to execute multiple actions within a single command from the automation system. All actions can be hosted in a single secondary event in the automation system, thus significantly simplifying the workflow and dramatically reducing the number of secondary events.

Metadata management

All 3DPlay’s assets include metadata. In addition to standard metadata fields (owner, date of creation, etc) the user can fill in information into the comments, description, and category metadata, enabling the user to tag, categorize, and organize his assets. The user can also generate his own metadata fields, enabling him to create customized fields for his specific requirements. All these metadata capabilities will enable the user to search and sort the assets quickly and efficiently.

Fully redundant 24/7 system

3DPlay can be implemented either on the up or downstream signal. 3DPlay is based on Orad’s HDVG rendering platform, which was designed to address the specific needs of the broadcasting market, including Raid 1 configuration of the Linux operating system, hot swappable power supply, and mechanical and software bypasses, ensuring faultless production.

Rich content with video clips

3DPlay can trigger multiple clips combined with real-time 3D graphics. 3DPlay supports all commonly used file formats such as AVI, Quick Time (with/without Alpha), DV, DVC25, and MPEG.

Ingest video

3DPlay’s ingest application can be installed on any Windows PC where video inputs are inserted. The user can record 3DPlay’s controlled graphics to be played later from a video server in high resolution, or for verification of graphics sent electronically in low resolution.

Embedded audio capabilities

3DPlay can control and manipulate 16 mono/ 8 stereo embedded audio channels which can be mixed with additional inputs and with audio clip files to a single output. The user has full control over volume level, cross fading and other mixing features of the embedded audio.

3DPlay Key Features

  • Ultimate downstream\upstream channel branding and complex production solution
  • Template based system with control over real-time data
  • Interfaces to external databases
  • Easy to make action button for creating a tailor made user interface
  • Configurable and intelligent playlist
  • Collects and archives data
  • Splits and contains items for a flexible user interface
  • Drag and drop based operation
  • 3D and 2D graphics with key frame animation editor
  • 3D and 2D DVE effects
  • Triggering through automation systems, GPI triggers or manually
  • Multiple tickers
  • Playout of multiple clips in various formats such as: AVI, Quick Time, DV, DV25, and MPEG
  • Fully redundant
  • HD and SD compatible
  • Mechanical and software bypass
  • Support for multiple video insertions in HD and SD
  • Linux based operating system
  • Embedded audio support
  • Multi format clip playout support
  • 3DPlay

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