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19 mm Studio Support Kit for Alexa

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Category: Ready-to-shoot Kits
Brand: ARRI
Code: 19 mm Studio Support Kit for Alexa

ARRI Pro Camera Accessories originate from the rugged world of traditional film cameras and mount natively on the ALEXA. Whether you require compact, lightweight support or a full studio setup, ARRI have the right matte box and follow focus to suit the situation.

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Bridge Plate BP-12 Set

Bridge Plate designed for ALEXA, ALEXA Plus and EOS C300 Adapter Plate. For 19mm Studio set-ups
 Ident. No.: K0.71031.0

Microphone Holder Bracket MHB-1

The Microphone Holder Bracket provides offset support for any standard microphone bracket fitted with a 3/8" thread.

 Ident. No.: K2.66256.0

Follow Focus FF-5 Cine Set Pro

The FF-5 Cine locks directly to 15mm lightweight support rods and fits to ARRI standard 15mm or 19mm Studio bridge plate support rods via the Bridge Plate Adapter.

 Ident. No.: K0.60144.0

FF-5 Adapter for Bridge Plate 19mm

The Adapter for bridge plate quickly turns the FF-5 Follow Focus into 19mm Studio configuration.

 Ident. No.: K2.47629.0

Lens Support LS-9 for Bridge Plate

A spring loaded bridge that mounts to two 19 mm studio rods for support of heavy lenses.
 Ident. No.: K2.47227.0

CODEX/ALEXA Onboard S Bracket Set

To fit Codex Onboard S Recorder to Alexa.
 Ident. No.: K0.60188.0

MB-20 System-II Set for 19mm Studio Rods

2-Stage Matte Box MB-20 with swing away bracket for use with lightweight support rods conforming to ARRI standard.
 Ident. No.: K0.60044.0

138mm Filter Ring for 143mm back - Ø114mm wide-angle

Accepts 138mm Round Filters. Takes reduction ring sizes R4.

 Ident. No.: K2.47190.0

Filter Frame Combo 4"x5.65" / 5"x5"

Fits 4x5.65" Horizontal and 5x5" Square filters.

 Ident. No.: K2.65023.0

MB-20/MB-29 System-II Eyebrow Flag

Eyebrow can be mounted top or bottom. Provides extra protection to shade the matte box.

 Ident. No.: K2.47740.0

MB-20/MB-29 System-II Side Flags (Pair)

Provides extra protection to shade the matte box for both sides.

 Ident. No.: K0.60029.0

Hard Matte Set, 35mm film

Set of 35mm Mattes for MB-20 II labelled 16, 25, 32, 40, 50mm

 Ident. No.: K2.47691.0

Screw-In Reduction Ring 114mm-110mm

114-110mm Reduction Ring

 Ident. No.: K2.65045.0

Screw-In Reduction Ring 114mm-104mm

(e.g. LDS Ultra Prime 16-135mm, Hawk V-lite)

 Ident. No.: K2.52195.0

Screw-In Reduction Ring 114mm-95mm

114-95mm Reduction Ring (e.g. Ultra Prime 16mm-135mm, 16mm zooms and medium-focal-length video zooms)

 Ident. No.: K2.65271.0

Screw-In Reduction Ring 114mm-80mm

(e.g. For Zeiss Super Speed)

 Ident. No.: K2.65165.0


  • 19 mm Studio Support Kit for Alexa
  • 19 mm Studio Support Kit for Alexa

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