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Cage System II

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Category: Support Systems
Brand: ARRI
Code: Cage System II

ARRI is releasing a camera cage system for cameras with a base lower than the 15 mm LWS rod standard (not compatible with the MBP-3-based ARRI Cage System I).

Cage Console Arm CCA-1
Compatible with the plate for RED Epic/Scarlet and the base plate for Canon EOS 1Dx and 1Dc, the CCA-1 offers a full cage arm without compromising access to the battery pack on DSLR cameras. Accessories and handles can be attached to the cage console arm via 3/8" ARRI interface. A 15 mm LWS console can be attached to the top of the CCA-1 and allows accessories to be fitted to top-mounted rods in the same way as bottom-mounted rods, since the top console is in an optically centered position.

Cage Support Right CSR-2
The CSR-2 can be attached to the Cage Console Arm CCA-1 and provides uncompromised grip and additional mounting options for accessories. Please note that the CSR-2 is not compatible with the hand grip from RED Scarlet and Epic cameras.

Cage Cable Safe CCS-1
The Cage Cable Safe System CCS-1 offers protection to internal electronics against accidental stress when using HDMI, USB or audio cables.

Camera Top Handle CTH-1
The Camera Top Handle provides grip and various 3/8" and 1/4" interfaces for mounting accessories. The handle will attach via a 3/8" ARRI interface.

Cage Top Support CHS-2
Providing support for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Ikonoskop A-cam and RED Epic and Scarlet, the CHS-2 links the top of the cage system to the upper base of the camera in the same manner the CHS-1, preventing any flex in the camera rig.

  • Cage System II

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