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Category: Support Systems
Brand: ARRI
Code: MBP-3

The Mini Base Plate MBP-3 has been designed to fit most small form factor cameras through dedicated adapter plates. Natively designed for 15 mm lightweight support rods, the MBP-3 is compatible with the ubiquitous ARRI Bridge Plate BP-8/9 for studio setups. Most cameras supported by the MBP-3 are compatible with the ARRI Cage System.

List of compatible cameras:

  • Canon C100/C300/C500* (fits directly)

  • Nikon D4 (fits directly)

  • Canon 7D - Adapter Plate K2.66198.0

  • Canon 5D MkII - Adapter Plate K2.66226.0

  • Canon 5D MkIII - Adapter Plate K2.66200.0

  • Nikon D800 - Adapter Plate K2.66186.0

  • Nikon D600 - Adapter Plate K2.66244.0

  • Sony FS700 - Adapter Plate K2.66199.0

  • Phantom Miro 320 - Adapter Plate K2.66201.0

  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera - Adapter Plate K2.66203.0

  • Olympus i-Speed PL - Adapter Plate K2.66204.0

  • Ikonoskop-a-cam - Adapter Plate K2.66195.0

Additional information:?

*Although not specifically designed for them, the MBP-3 fits the specifications of the Canon C100/300 and C500. The ARRI base plate for C100/300/500 K2.66173.0 remains available in our range as a dedicated plate for the Canon C100/300 and C500.

  • MBP-3

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