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MonitorScope MS9000

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Category: Test & Measurement
Brand: Hamlet
Code: MonitorScope MS9000

The MonitorScope MS9000 is a compact ½ rack 3RU high, low power rasterizer for measurement and monitoring of video and audio in all areas of production and engineering. The MS9000 is a modular instrument so it is easy for the user to upgrade at any time.

With a user friendly interface and ease of use top of the agenda the MS9000 comes with a built in XVGA display.  Applications include: EFP, OB vehicles,  pre and post production, editing and graphics suites, tele-cine, colouring... Indeed anywhere serial digital signals or multi-format measurement are required.

The MS9000 is capable of measurement, monitoring and error detection of 3G, HD, SD and composite video signals and audio in its embedded, or AES/EBU formats, depending on the module options selected. Generator and EYE modules covering 3G, HD, SD and composite video and audio signals complete the range.

With waveform, vector, multiple linear audio peak bar graphs and phase displays with program picture available for display as required the MS9000 fulfils operational and front line engineering requirements.

Full screen, quad tiled displays, coloured traces and displays, Hands Free Timing (HFT), Line Select, selectable error alarms and counts including stuck bit detect (no activity on one data line) may be selected. There’s a headphone socket on the front so the decoded audio can be monitored.

An output module option providing a HD/SD or DVI/XVGA to an external monitor may be added if required.

There are two versions, the MS9000 "A" and MS9000 "B" to choose from. The "A" variant is full specification with full AbsoluteCare warranty available, the "B" variant has a reduced functionality set which comes in at a lower price than the "A". The "B" version has no quad/tiled display, no cursors, no downloads, no gamut a 1 year warranty as standard, extendable to 2 years upon registration.

Input Module options:
HD, SD Video and Audio input module
SD, Composite Video and Audio input module
HD, SD Video and Audio input module with TSG
HD, SD Video and Audio input module with EYE pattern
3G, HD, SD Video and Audio input module
3G, HD, SD Video and Audio input module with EYE pattern

Output Module options:

HD, SD, DVI output module

The MonitorScope currently has two input slots and an output slot operational.

DigiScope feature sets are dependant on the FlexiScope module selected.

HD SDI Output Serial digital
BNC connector. Output impedance 75 ohms. SMPTE 292, SMPTE 259M, ITU-R BT.601/656 serial component. 800mV pp.

Response Flat is +/- 0.5% 50Hz to 5.5MHz.Low Pass is -3db @ 1.5MHz, -60db @ 6.75MHz.Timebase H, 2H and Hmag (x5). V, 2V and Vmag.Line select is any line from the frame.Parade is a 3H display of input or filter parade

Video Traditional component or composite display.Component accuracy 0.2%. Bandwidth 3.375MHz.Composite accuracy 1%. Bandwidth 1.3MHz.

Audio Stereo phase display of left or right audio pair. Phase accuracy 2 deg.Accuracy Better than 0.1db over full scale range.Characteristics BBC, EBU, Digital, DIN, Nordic and VU.
3.5mm stereo jack.

Output to HD, SD, DVI or XVGA monitor, (1024 x 768 @ 60Hz digital or analogue monitor, via a DVI-I socket) Audio output jack, USB’s and RJ45

Indoor and Out door use, 5 to 45 deg.C. Ambient to 2,000m.Max humidity 80% to 31 deg.C decreasing to 50% at 40 deg.C.Overvoltage category 2. Pollution degree 1.

DIMENSIONS: - 490mm x 250mm x 45mm.
WEIGHT: - 3Kg.

  • MonitorScope MS9000

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