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Category: Video Servers
Brand: ORAD
Code: Orad VJ

VJ meets the growing requirements of studio productions. Ideal for news, live events, soaps, talk shows and other studio productions, VJ’s flexible design supports up to 8 channels in different in/out configurations.

Based on Orad’s HDVS video server range, VJ provides a turnkey, tapeless workflow from ingest to playout.  VJ ingests feeds from a wide-range of sources including satellite, VTRs, cameras, and stores them as video clips. These clips are seamlessly exported to industry-standard Non Linear and Craft Editors, and once edited the clips are imported back to VJ for immediate playout.  VJ supports commonly used codecs for fast turnaround productions and post-production workflows, including Panasonic’s DVCPRO, DVCPRO-HD, Avid’s DNxHD, and major wrappers such as Quick Time and MXF.

VJ delivers high-performance storage with over 60 hours in HD (100Mbps) with the option to extend VJ’s storage to 180 hours of HD (@100Mbps).

User-friendly workspace

VJ simplifies production tasks and workflows by enabling the user to control and monitor all channels from a single user interface with access to time codes, clip progress, playlists, and more. VJ’s interface is completely configurable, allowing the user to define workspace according to his preferences, including adding and removing channels as needed.

Playlists can be easily created and are flexible to use and operate. The user can add clips and change their position by a simple drag and drop, as well as determine how each clip will end (dissolve to next clip, freeze on last frame, etc). The user can group clips, with each group having different ends and preferences. For example, when clip 8 ends it will jump back to clip 5 and play clips 5,6,7, and 8 in a loop for 3 times and only  then continue to clip 9.     

Red Marks – edit while ingest

The VJ Red Marks feature provides pre-editing capabilities that accelerate production workflows for fast turnaround studio productions. With VJ’s Red Marks, the operator marks in and out points during ingest. VJ automatically creates a rough cut of the marked clip that is pushed to the NLE for further editing, while the ingesting process continues and is available for further use. Such a functionality enables editing while recording, significantly reducing the production’s turnaround time.

Tapeless workflow

With its native codec support for Panasonic’s DVCPRO 100 & 50 and Avid’s DNxHD, VJ provides a seamless tapeless workflow from ingest to playout. VJ ingest clips are immediately available to the entire production environment for previewing, archiving, and editing.  VJ seamlessly integrates with industry-standard NLEs including Avid’s Media Composer, Apple’s Final Cut Pro (FCP), Grass Valley’s Edius, and Adobe’s Premiere Pro.  The direct connection between VJ and the NLE system negates the need for middleware hardware and software applications or any transcoding process. When editing is finished, the edited clips are imported back to VJ and are immediately available for playout.

The accelerated workflow saves precious time, especially in fast turnaround environments such as news and live events where success is measured in seconds.

While all server channels are in use, the user can simultaneously handle IP-based file transfer traffic such as importing and exporting files to and from the server without disrupting recordings or playout. For example, in playout mode the user can use, organize, and save the clips without stopping any of the playout channels. While in ingest mode, the user can export recorded clips without disrupting the ingest process. 

Synchronized recording and playback

VJ records frame accurate multi-cameras and sources.  VJ can record up to 8 ISO feeds from studio cameras and export these ISO clips to the NLE system as one group for fast, multi-camera editing.  Gang record operation is easy as all ganged channel panels merge into a single panel which controls all 8 channels at once. This functionality is useful for studio productions such as drama, soap, and reality shows. 

Gang play is useful for playing fill+key.  VJ can gang 4 pairs of channels into 4 independent fill+key channels. Fill + key can be ingested as a single content and played out with one button.   

Flexible channel configurations:

The flexible VJ architecture offers a flexible I/O channel configuration supporting up to 8 channels. For multi-channel ingest, VJ can be configured as an 8 in 0 out  channel setup while for multi- channel playback VJ can be configured as an 8 out 0 in setup  Alternatively, during news and live productions, VJ can replace VTRs based on its 4 bi-directional channels letting operators alternate between play and record modes. Based on production needs, all channel setups are fully configurable and easily modified from a user-friendly GUI.  

Third-party integration 

Recognizing that today’s workflow incorporate a number of broadcast equipment, VJ offers an open architecture for third-party integrations. Operators can trigger clips manually or leverage VJ to trigger third-party devices such as switchers and studio automation systems. VJ supports commonly used protocols such as VDCP over both Ethernet and serial ports, allowing each of its 8 channels to be controlled independently.  VJ seamlessly exports and imports content from industry-standard editing applications such as Avid’s Media Composer, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Adobe’s Premiere Pro and more. In addition, VJ can be integrated with media asset management systems for more advanced workflows. 


VJ is a highly scalable solution. Broadcasters can start with a single VJ system for VTR replacement in the studio and scale to a multi-server setup based on shared storage. Relying on fast Gigabit network connection, content is shared between different VJ servers that co-exists on the network. VJ offers a unique clip cashing engine that plays clips from a remote server within seconds instead of waiting for the entire clip to be copied to the local server before playback.  

VJ can be integrated with PlayMaker, Orad’s slow motion replay server, to create a flexible environment in which content can be shared between VJ and PlayMaker. In such a workflow, PlayMaker addresses the fast turnaround tasks while VJ manages playlist based playout and back office tasks. 

VJ supports Orad’s HDVS 1, a powerful and cost effective server. HDVS 1 has 2 channels which can be configurable with any I/O including 1 bi-directional channel. The HDVS 1 supports all the same features as the regular 8 channels server including, full playlist and Red-Marks, and can be controlled via VDCP by a third-party application such as automation. The VJ HDVS 1 was designed specifically for the production environment, which has limited rack-mount space and/or where the I/O channel capacity is relatively small. VJ HDVS 1 is an affordable yet powerful back-up for main channels.  

High reliability 

Video data is protected with RAID 6 technology ensuring that even in the unlikely event that two disks are down, no data is lost and there is no decrease in server performance.
Video disks can be easily accessed from the front panel, without removing the server from the rack.
To optimize server reliability and redundancy, VJ uses a hot swap power supply and runs on the reliable Linux operating system. 

MV-8: 8 in video splitter 

VJ can be provided with Orad’s MV-8 - a 1U rack mount unit with up to 8 inputs (6 in SD) and both SDI and full HD DVI outputs.
MV-8 supports either SD or HD SDI inputs, 50hz or 60 HZ, and can switch between various preprogrammed screen configurations (4 in/6in/8in). 

VJ Key Features

  • Fast import/export DVCPRO/DNxHD clips to/from Avid/FCP
  • Supports any I/O channels configuration; 8 in, 8 out, 4 bi-directional
  • Instant change between play/record
  • Records clips and instantly plays them on another channel while they are still recording
  • Creates sub-clips from a clip that is recording
  • Uses 8 channels while simultaneously handling IP-based file transfer traffic in and out of the system
  • Creates and edits playlists easily with simple drag and drop even while the playlist is on air
  • VTR like GUI controller for easy and fast learning
  • VJ is optimized for all broadcast productions; news, live events, sports, studio productions, VTR replacements
  • Supports major industry-standard media wrappers Quick-Time and Avid’s MXF-Op-Atom
  • Over 120 hours of HD recording (@100mbps) 240 hours in SD
  • Uncompressed audio, 8 stereo channels per input
  • Optional AES and analog audio inputs and outputs.
  • RAID 6 redundancy
  • Redundant hot swap dual power supply