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Sony Specialist Dealer

There are lots of small interface “brick” style products available, and we looked at them all. After carefully studying the pro’s and con’s, we started the development of a complete new family of bricks, different and more feature rich than the rest -- yellobrik’s.

We all know how annoying and frustrating it can be when trying to change a connection or setting when there is no manual immediately available, so we adopted a new basic mantra for the development of each new yellobrik device -- “No manual needed”

We clearly identify all connections and signal flow, and everything you need to know is printed right on the module. All controls are easily accessible and clearly labelled, with no need to remove covers, move links, figure out complex dip switch settings or connecting a PC.

Even though yellobrik’s are low cost utility products, reliability and technical performance are key to the functionality of these modules. Yellobrik’s are the most stable and technically proficient bricks available and are backed up with excellent after sales service and support.

We include all accessories needed; the module, power supply and mounting brackets are all supplied in a custom plastic transport case -- all included in the price.

Some yellobrik’s are field upgradable. If we release a new firmware revision then the update is always free to download and install. Simply download to your PC, plug in a USB cable and click.. nothing could be easier.

Our innovative 1RU rack mounting chassis lets you move from simple throw down use into a tidy, organized system installed in a 19” rack frame. Central power and redundant power protection adds to system flexibility.

Download LYNX cut sheet CQS1441