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New Pro Camera Accessories

A selection of rugged, set-ready crew supplies, as well as a new diopter frame and a diopter stage, are added to ARRI’s PCA range. 


ARRI is introducing a new frame and a new stage for mounting 138 mm close-up diopters, as well as an adapter that also permits 4.5” diopters to be used with either. 

Diopter Frame 138 mm
The diopter frame allows 138 mm diopters of up to +2 to be used in a lightweight matte box such as the ARRI LMB-25. The frame has the width of two 4” x 5.65” filter frames and fits into a 2- or 3-filter stage. A safety mechanism prevents the diopter from falling out of the frame during exchange, while two ¼” threads permit the frame to be attached to an articulating arm. 

Diopter Stage 138 mm
The diopter stage can be used at the back of a 4” x 5.65” clip-on matte box, or independently with a rear-mounted clamp adapter. Diopters up to +3 can be fitted, and the position of split diopters can be adjusted with an integrated friction wheel. As with the diopter frame, a safety device and ¼” mounting threads are included.


This special collection of ARRI-branded unit bags, pouches, belts and gloves is the best way to look after yourself and your equipment during a shoot. Order lists can be compiled on the ARRI website, allowing you to configure the supplies that will meet your specific on-set storage and protection needs.  

ARRI unit bags offer a rugged solution for organizing and transporting camera gear and accessories. The exterior is constructed from a highly durable, waterproof material, while the interior is fully padded to provide ample protection from the rigors of life on set. 

Available in various sizes and types, ARRI pouches feature multiple pockets and slots for organizing filters, mini monitors, tape measures, Sharpies, and other everyday basics. Constructed from water-resistant nylon fabric, they offer hardy protection and easy access to on-set tools and accessories. 

Specially designed ARRI belts provide comfortable, sturdy support for any of the ARRI range of pouches fitted with a belt loop. Available in three sizes, the fully padded belt has a heavy-duty quick release and provides fabric snaps and D-rings for attaching additional accessories.

Rugged but agile, ARRI gloves feature dual-layered goat leather in high-wear areas, a padded palm for extra comfort, and neoprene panels on the knuckles for maximum dexterity. The adjustable wrist closure ensures a snug fit, while touchscreen tips on the thumb and finger allow the use of mobile devices.

  • New Pro Camera Accessories
  • New Pro Camera Accessories