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Sonifex Show New AoIP Talkback Intercom at NAB 2017


The AVN-TB10AR 10 Button Advanced Talkback Intercom, AoIP Portal.

At this year’s NAB Show on booth C2839, Sonifex are showing the new AVN-TB10AR, a 10 button advanced AoIP talkback intercom which has RAVENNA at its core and is AE67 compatible.

The AVN-TB10AR is part of the new AVN-TB range designed and manufactured by Sonifex, which are IP audio based talkback intercom units with an advanced feature set, allowing them to be used in multiple applications.

As a 10 button intercom, the AVN-TB10AR can define 10 other ‘stations’, one per button, for communication. Comms can be made as a Talk action, a Listen action or a duplex Talk/Listen action to/from each station. Coloured LEDs in the buttons help to show which action is being used and there is also a Callback button for when you’re unavailable to receive a call.

The stations can be placed anywhere on the AoIP network and the use of Bonjour Device Discovery means that other stations can be found quickly and automatically.

The unit has a built-in webserver which is where the majority of settings and configurations are made. The front panel OLED display can also be used to configure the unit, although more functionality is available by using the webserver which has a responsive design meaning that it can be used with small screens on smartphones and tablets.

The AVN-TB10AR can also act as a PTP masterclock or slave clock and supports IEEE1588-2008 PTPv2 media and default profiles.

It has a front panel power button and dual power connectors - an IEC mains input and a 12V DC input, which allows it to be used for both studio and mobile installations. Also, a secondary power source reduces the effect of power down events. The unit also monitors the status of both power sources and displays this on the front panel.

10 GPIOs (general purpose inputs/outputs) and a programmable relay output can be configured to indicate critical states for the unit, via the 15 way D-type connector, for example, to show loss of DC power, or to show a button press action. (high res front image) (high res rear image)