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Categorie: Broadcast Creative Software
Cod: 3Designer


3Designer is the foundation of all of Orad's graphics systems, providing content for news, elections, sports events, weather segments, business reports and more. Whatever the format that is required, 3Designer is capable of creating compelling content.

The core philosophy of Orad's graphics suite is "create once, use many times". Each scene that is created in 3Designer may have "exported" elements that can be updated dynamically during the production, while other elements remain locked against changes.

3Designer gives the user complete control over which of the elements will be exported, from text content, object position, colours to textures, video and audio sources. During production, all the exported parameters of the scene are available for modification from the controllers, allowing operators to easily update content without requiring extra work from graphics creation

  • HD, SD, up to 16k and Stereo3D formats are supported
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Unlimited number of layers in the scene
  • Direct interface with Photoshop and other compositing applications
  • Windows-based application with local preview
  • Unlimited undo and redo allow quick and easy corrections
  • Sophisticated asset strip management that allows access to assets such as primitives, fonts, textures, complex objects and more
  • 3Designer

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