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Categorie: Broadcast Editing Systems
Cod: iFind

iFind is an easy to use, cost-effective and scalable browser based management solution for all assets wherever and whatever they are - video, audio, graphics, documents, etc. Search, browse, manage and move content from any web browser on any desktop, anywhere in the world. Sophisticated but simple to use, iFind can help you to find media and other assets quickly and efficiently, update records, view and edit proxy video and create new EDLs from your desktop. Integration with the Orad range of server & graphics products and Adobe's Creative Suite produces a world-class solution for any broadcast workflow whether it be news, sports, ingest, archive or playout.

Powerful configuration and workflow management modules put customers in control making it easy to configure and manage users, metadata sets and workflows. Workflows can be defined and automated with the possibility of manual intervention and triggers. To provide full flexibility all rules can be created, modified and managed by administrators putting the broadcaster in control and without the need for costly and time-consuming modifications to the code.

iFind's iAcquire module provides a range of features to ingest content to video server systems from VTR, live source, XDCam disc or by file import. With process orientated user interfaces for supervisors and operators, iAcquire allows automation of routine tasks whilst retaining the flexibility to make last minute changes and start instant recordings.

iFind allows the user to manage all the key graphics from the user friendly iFind web-based interface. In the case of Orad graphic devices such as Maestro, the iFind functionality is accessed directly from the Maestro GUI.

  • Fast and flexible multi-device search
  • Customer configurable metadata fields and forms
  • Support on-line or off-line digital and physical media
  • Supports multiple instances, versions and variants of media in multiple locations
  • iFind

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