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Categorie: Support Systems
Cod: ALPHA-1

  • ALPHA-1
  • No Stand
    Cableless Design
    Quick CG Setting
    Stable Operation (14bit Encoder)
    Going After Mode
    Eye Level Shooting
  • Body Demension
    - Main Body : 476(W) x 300(D) x 480(H) mm / 18.7 x 11.8 x 18.9 (inch), 4RU
    - Weight : 3.7 kg / 8.1 lbs. (Include Battery)
  • Camera Support
  • 70D / 1D-C / 5D Mk-II / REBLE T51
  • GH-4
  • SONY
  • A7S / ALPHA99 / FS-5
  • D4 / D800
  • Product
  • Normal Operation Temperature
  • -17°C ~ 58°C / 1.4°F ~ 136.4°F
  • Standard Load
  • 4Kg / 8.81lbs.
  • Angle Oscillation Range
  • 0.0219°
  • Device Control Range
  • 290° ~320° PER AXIS

Quick CG Setting

    • One of the most critical factors in using a gimbal stabilizer is proper CG setting. CAMTOOL alpha-1 allows for quick and easy setting of 3-axis balancing. You can record CG setting values of Easy Slider and Quick Leveler for each camera. So, when using several different cameras with one alpha-1, it allows you to complete the balancing quickly and simply by applying the CG setting values you recorded.

Stable Operation (14bit Encoder)

    • CAMTOOL alpha-1 employs 14bit Encoder, so the precise control of 0.0219° per click is possible. When an axis is out of balance, it returns to the balanced position quickly. It reduces the battery consumption and increases the operating time. In some shots, you need to position the camera panned and tilted, and it is difficult to have such angle with the normal gimbal. If you position the camera in the angle you want and hold it for over one second, alpha-1 keeps staying the angle. If you turn off and on the power, the camera returns to the balanced position.

No Stand

    • You can use alpha-1 without the stand anywhere you want. You don't need the time for attaching the stand, so it allows for the quick setup and is very convenient to place alpha-1 on the floor during shooting break time. After you take the camera out of alpha-1, you can put it in the carrying case as it is without detaching any parts.

Eye Level Shooting

    • When you need to shoot in the eye level with the normal gimbal, you have to hold it up to the eye level and keep it, and it causes inconvenience. CAMTOOL alpha-1 has the mode of Eye Level Shooting, so you can easily rotate the handle through 180 degrees and shoot the scene.

Cableless Design

  • Alpha-1 is designed to have all the cables and wires inside the body. It prevents cables from being cut which may result from failures in using. This cabless design allows for easier and more convenient movements of the body and camera.
  • ALPHA-1
  • ALPHA-1
  • ALPHA-1

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