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DigiScope DS900

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Categorie: Test & Measurement
Marca: Hamlet
Cod: DigiScope DS900

The DigiScope DS900 is unique; a multiple input, low power, 1U, ½ rack mountable, measurement and monitoring multi-viewer, with test signal generation and EYE display capability. With outputs to any DVI or XVGA monitor the DS900 is ideal for use in any broadcast measuring or monitoring environment.  Available Quarter 1, 2011.

Each multi-view display quadrant can display a tiled T&M display of the input being investigated with waveforms, vectorscope and multiple audio displays. The capability and the flexibility of choice of utilising the four inputs with modules of your choice is uncommon in an instrument of this size.

Ideal for master control, pre or post production monitoring, due to its size the DS900 is also ideal for Mobile production units, trolleys, uplinks, OB vehicles. Indeed anywhere serial digital signals or multi-format measurement and monitoring are required. 

The DS00 unit is capable of analysis, measurement and monitoring of all 3G, HD, SDI, component and composite video signals with embedded, AES/EBU and analogue audio supported. This unique instrument, with its robust ease of use, via its touch screen displays, ensures its capacity to satisfy and handle the busiest of environments. 

With picture display, professional looking Waveform, Vectorscope and Audio, monitoring and measurement, test signal generation and EYE pattern display capability, this multi-viewing T&M instrument is second to none with a repertoire that fits throughout the production chain. As well as  a convenient headphone socket on the front panel so the decoded audio can be monitored, an I/O audio D is fitted to the rear.

The modular nature of the DigiScope DS900 instrument ensures it’s easy for the user to upgrade at any time, as required. The potential to choose what you need when you want it, with the fulfilment and capability not seen before the DS900 provides an excellent return on investment.

The DigiScope 900 has four DS900 module input slots.

DigiScope feature sets are dependant on the FlexiScope 900 series module selected.

Serial digtial output
BNC connector. Output impedance 75 ohms. SMPTE 292, SMPTE 259M, ITU-R BT.601/656 serial component. 800mV pp.

Response Flat is +/- 0.5% 50Hz to 5.5MHz.Low Pass is -3db @ 1.5MHz, -60db @ 6.75MHz.Timebase H, 2H and Hmag (x5). V, 2V and Vmag.Line select is any line from the frame.Parade is a 3H display of input or filter parade

Video Traditional component or composite display.Component accuracy 0.2%. Bandwidth 3.375MHz.Composite accuracy 1%. Bandwidth 1.3MHz.

Audio Stereo phase display of left or right audio pair. Phase accuracy 2 deg.Accuracy Better than 0.1db over full scale range.Characteristics BBC, EBU, Digital, DIN, Nordic and VU.
D connector and 3.5mm stereo jack.

output to HD, SD, DVI or XVGA monitor, (1024 x 768 @ 60Hz digital or analogue monitor, via a DVI-I socket)

output to D connector and 3.5mm jack

Indoor and Out door use, 5 to 45 deg.C. Ambient to 2,000m.Max humidity 80% to 31 deg.C decreasing to 50% at 40 deg.C.Overvoltage category 2. Pollution degree 1.

DIMENSIONS: - 20.5 x 32 x 4.3 cm.
WEIGHT: - 1.5Kg.

  • World’s first 4 input, multi-format, 1/2 rack, 1U, measurement and monitoring multi-viewer with touch screen control.
  • 3G, HD, SD, Component, Composite video signals with embedded, AES/EBU and Analog audio supported.
  • Four input module slots, accepts all FlexiScope 900 series modules.
  • Unique four-way multi-view measurement displays of inputs.
  • Display 4 inputs simultaneously, each with its own tiled T&M display of your choice.
  • Mix and match modules as required, including test signal generation and EYE
  • Easy access to full waveform and vectorscope functionality.
  • Professional looking waveform, vectorscopes traces.
  • Filtering, V, H and Phase, cursors for accurate measurement & reporting.
  • Digitally accurate cursor measurement and Safe Area Generation.
  • Colored displays of waveforms, vectors, audio bar graphs and phase display.
  • Select audio source, bar graph type, peak hold, de-emphasis.
  • Video output via DVI, XVGA and Audio I/O and jack for headphones.
  • Picture display in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios
  • Operator and factory store and recall presets.
  • Data and gamut analysis, with time code logging of assigned errors.
  • Remote control and data downloads via USB/RJ45.
  • 12 Vdc powered via XLR mains adapter or external batteries or camera supply.
  • Based on Patented, proprietary processing of all signals


  • Module selection - see FlexiScope 900 series
  • Internal card to monitor Dolby™ surround sound channels
  • DigiScope DS900

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