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Categorie: VTR\'s, Decks and Recorders
Marca: Sony
Cod: XDS-PD1000

The XDS-PD1000 is the middle level model of the XDCAM Station range. It supports the operation with all SxS cards types and formats, including Memory Stick and SDHC cards when corresponding MEAD adaptors are used, plus supports all XDCAM Professional Disc models in all recording formats and modes.

The XDCAM Station is a professional media station with built-in storage and interfaces for both Professional Disc media and SxS memory cards, enabling hybrid operation in an XDCAM workflow. It features better support for multi-task operation, networking, and other IT functions. Adding the XDCAM Station to an XDCAM workflow makes file-based operation much more convenient and efficient.

MP4 and AVI files generated by the PMW-EX series recordings, when transferred to the internal HDD, are converted to MXF format while all MXF recordings generated with PMW-500 series are maintained in MXF mode. The Internal 1TB Hard Disk Drive and 1Gigabit Ethernet connection allow multi-user simultaneous access and a total of about 32 Hours of continuous recording in HD4:2:2 @ 50Mbps.

The internal 4th generation Professional Disc Drive allow partial transfer of materials or full backup from the XDCAM Disc to the internal 1TB HDD. Furthermore, materials from internal HDD can be also partially copied to the XDCAM Professional Disc. Simultaneous operation of baseband recording and playback or slow-motion is possible. Editing while recording (growing file editing) mode is also possible.


17 kg (37 lb 8 oz)

Dimension (W x H x D)

424 x 132 x 460 mm (16 3/4 x 5 1/4 x 18 1/8 inches)

Power requirements

AC 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 250 W

Recording time, 50 Mbps Video

Approx. 12.5 W (while recording, EVF On, LCD monitor Off)

Recording time, 50 Mbps Video

30 H

Control Protocol

RS422A (Protocol: VTR, VDCP), Video Process Control, API/Ethernet control, GPI (4in/4out)

Disk Storage System

500 GB SATA HDD, 3 Drives, Raid-4

Input and output

1 input channel and 1 output channel

Network Interface

GbE, ftp and CIFS

Media Drive

2 SxS memory slots and a Professional Disc Drive

Supports all XDCAM storage formats

It brings the XDCAM Professional Disk and XDCAM EX SxS workflow together. A powerful “Bridge” solution.

Supports 4G PD drive and 4-layer disc

Supports the new high-speed DCHS optical drive. Handles the dual-layer disc (PFD50DLA), single-layer disc (PFD23A) and quad-layer disc (PFD128QLW). Handles SxS Pro, SxS-1 and card adaptors for memory sticks and SDHCs.

The 4G drive and 4-layer discs offer larger storage volumes and higher access speeds. They are ideal for archiving large quantities of material.

Supports all XDCAM/XDCAM EX file formats, codecs and metadata

The XDS System Decks support all XDCAM/XDCAM EX File formats, codecs and metadata. This is an extremely powerful aspect of XDS System Decks’ “Bridge” capability, effectively offering complete format transparency.

Multi-tasking internal storage operations

The internal hard-disk storage is capable of multi-tasking when carrying out certain tasks. This increases interoperability and overall efficiency when working with Network Production systems.

Familiar VTR-like user interface

The layout of controls on the XDS decks follows industry-standard conventions, already familiar to most users. This makes it easy to use, configure, and integrate into the overall workflow.

Enhances network functionality

The XDC-PD1000 allows users to access growing volumes of files from nonlinear editors without file transfer, offering high-speed file transfer and multiple access via a network.

SD HD cross-conversion

It supports SD and HD as standard with up-conversion Record, and up/down/cross-conversion playback.

Supports industry-standard protocols (VDCP, ftp, CIFS)

  • XDS-PD1000