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Categorie: Wireless Systems
Marca: ARRI
Cod: UMC-3A

Camera Independent 
The UMC-3A is a camera-independent motor controller that drives up to three ARRI lens motors, such as CLM-2, CLM-3 or CLM-4. It is compatible with WCU-4, ZMU-3A and other ARRI hand units and can trigger REC start/stop with most film and digital cameras.

Lens Data
Once a Lens Data Display for Focus Puller (LDD-FP) and CLM-2, CLM-3 or CLM-4 motors are connected to the UMC-3A, it is possible to use the Lens Data Archive (LDA) and display data from any lens on LDD-FP and WCU-4 screens. Cooke S4i lenses can be connected to the UMC-3A as well, providing /i data for LDD-FP and WCU-4.

3D Synced Mode
Two UMC-3A motor controllers can be synced for stereoscopic 3D operation by connecting them with a dedicated cable.

Please use our configuration overviews for detailed sample configurations:

  • UMC-3A

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